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When browsing for the latest travel news I couldn’t help but notice a strong recurring theme popping up everywhere. It’s the GREEN theme.


With the rapid depletion of the world, it is important to keep our travels as eco-friendly as possible. Leave nothing but footprints…


But what else can we do while travelling?


After finding an extensive article on MSNBC by Sarah Schlichter, I decided to dot down the important green savers for your next holiday.


Several tips for an ecological holiday include

  • Short showers
  • Turning off electrical power when not in use including rooms
  • Reuse your towels instead of changing them everyday
  • Use your own toiletries – keeping the pre-packaged ones untouched and unnecessarily thrown out
  • Make yourself familiar with hotel recycling programs including the basics such as plastics separate from paper
  • Show your appreciation to the hotel if you believed they were taking practical measures to preserve the Earth
  • Encourage management to think about going green if they aren’t already


While on the road…

  • Off-setting your carbon consumptions such as planting a tree in each city or town you visit
  • Take the train instead of plane wherever you can
  • With renting cars, choose the smallest that will most comfortably suite your travels – say no to Free upgrades, they often have higher fuel consumptions
  • Rent hybrids
  • Public transport – it’s been repeated many times because it’s true!
  • Walk, Bike, Rollerblade – stay fit, healthy and enviro-friendly


Let’s see if we can do our bit for the world on our next travels.


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Going into Standby…


Angela Nguyen

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Labour Day Special

 Hi Everyone!

Yes, another Thursday. For most of us, we are counting down until Labour Day graces us with a welcome Monday

While everyone who has booked on StandbyRates for the long weekend is heading off for a well deserved rest, I decided to research the history of Labour Day and why it is we celebrate it.



work, work, work


Going far back into the 19th Century, Labour Day is a celebration of what is known as the Australian Labour Movement. Ever wondered where all our worker’s rights and unions originated from?


Starting from the first settlements where prisoners and foreign labourers were under slavery conditions, the movement started to take form when the abolition of slavery in Great Britain echoed onto the Australia soil.

All throughout the 19th Century different movements were formed to lower working hours and increase wages. Some of these unions included the craft union and the Stonemasons Society.

1890 marked the era of The Great Strikes. The craft union become organised and help four historic strikes; 1890 Maritime strike, 1891 Shearers strike, 1982 Broken Hill Miners and the 1884 Shearers strike. These strikes were unsuccessful as the consequence resulted in police violence against the protesters. Finally the idea came to mind that if parliament was not going to listen, then they were going to take matters in parliament. Hence through manhood suffrage, they created the Australian Labour Party.

Since then the Labour Party has established itself as one of the major political parties of Australia and a day of when workers stood up for their beliefs was held and thus Labour Day is celebrated in the first week of October.

Let us all celebrate this event by taking a whole day off at work to remind ourselves that we don’t have to work the exhaustive hours that our ancestors had once done!

In the spirit of the long-weekend I have released another promotional code for any new users who would like to sign-up to our FREE membership at

No Work!

The code is: strikers 

The code is only valid until Labour Day so pop along and join up for an instant 5% discount off the listed prices on our site.

Happy Labour Day and remember to live a little, save a lot!


Going into Standby…

 Angela Nguyen

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Thursday Travel Tip – Buying Memories

Are you a traveller that loves to invest in every memorable trinket and treasure that you can get your hands on while holidaying in a foreign city, exploring the sites and sounds?  

I am. 

I travel only to come back with twice as much luggage as I arrived with, and sometimes having a whole suitcase dedicated to my wonderful ‘finds.’ The irony is that the first and last time I actually appreciated the thing that I bought was probably back in the little dinky market store where I first fell in love with it. So I have two dilemmas here. 

  1. How to save money
  2. What to buy that would actually serve its purpose to bring back the happy memories of a trip

 According to Jane E. Fraser’s Sydney Morning Herald article, souvenir shopping can still be more meaningful and purposeful than the little awkward statue of a hula girl with a slight chip off her arm. (Which is why you got it at a bargain price in the first place

I’d like to take some time out to share with you some of her thoughts… 

Firstly- Artworks 


Sure, that makes sense. Chances are, buying a piece of artwork isn’t going to be lodged off to the poor and needy anytime soon and being showcased in the house somewhere will definitely open the floodgate of memories each time you pass it. Not a bad idea. 

Secondly – Useful Items 


It’s so simple but yet, so true. If you can use it, then you’ve definitely got your money’s worth. The memories are an added bonus. How about an African sculpted pot plant or South American mixing bowl? – Genius 

 Thirdly – Genuine Collectables 


Already harbouring a collecting hobby – stamps, spoons, currency or fridge magnets? Just add to the collection! Hunt out the memorabilia that will enhance your current pool of treasures and you will find your souvenirs to be overflowing with value.  

 Fourthly – Classic Jewellery 


Any wearables that you know can be cross-cultured without the need of waiting for a fancy dress party is definitely a keeper. Jewellery that can be easily meshed into a fashionable statement you’ll find not only brings a bit of awe and curiosity from your companions but is a great way to reminisce your life in another world. 

 Finally – Visual Memories 


Drowning in a sea of vacation photos? Instead, how about making a special collage of the photos and framing it into a mountable frame? By doing so you have the unique, captured moments of your adventures but they are ready for display in a creative manner hence saving your friends and family the countless hours of album browsing and picture downloads. 

 If you’re not camera-keen then even postcard collecting with recorded thoughts on the back will definitely add value to the souvenir. 

 So there we have it, a quick run-down on how to make potential travel trash into timeless treasures. 

Don’t forget to check out our daily rates on so you can go out, explore and enjoy. Live a little, save a lot

…Going into Standby 

 Angela Nguyen

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Friday’s Fun-day

Happy Friday!

Hope everybody’s had a good, hard-working week. I know that I have!

We receive so many bookings and quote request these days it seems as though everybody is really out there to have a great time which is just fantastic. We all deserve a holiday!

Since the weekend is upon us, let’s have a quick scan around Australia to see what’s happening.

Let’s start off with the Western Wonder that is Perth.

It seems that tonight Suzi Quatro is rocking her classics with the Back to The Drive Tour, performing tonight at the Burswood Theatre. If you’re in town, see if you can grab some tickets to check it out!

More of a relaxed fisherman?

Why not head up to Darwin for the Saltwater Fly Fishing Challenge? It’s an annual even from the 8-10th of September showcasing some top anglers and skills.

How about Australia’s paradisaical state of Queensland?

Rockhampton’s Keppel Bay Sailing Club is hosting their ‘Under the Light of the Silvery Moon’ 50th Anniversary where wine, cheese and a good dose of frolicking under the moon is sure to take place.

For an artistic touch to your weekend, pop over to New South Wales, Sydney where the Dobell Drawing Prize has been underway since the 24th August and shall continue through to the 4th of November. A spectacular showcase of talent ranging from sculpturists, printmaking and painting to be on display at this event. The prize is the most prestigious drawing prize to be awarded in Australia and has unmaksed hidden talents of many Australians.

A bit more adventurous? Just so happens Adelaide is hosting their Great Australian Bushwalk this Sunday the 9th of September. Features 120 free guided bushwalks where you can completely lose yourself in the Australia’s natural beauty.

 Just because the Spring Carnival is on hold, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do!

Now for our newest tradition at Standby Rates, our Friday Promo code.

Type in: floriade on sign up and you will receive an instant 5% discount off the listed prices!

Sign up for your free membership today at and go experience Australia! Go on, you know you deserve it!

…Going into Standby


Angela Nguyen

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Floriade- Flowers to be Seen

Each year, Canberra hosts its prime festival showcasing tuplips, orchids and nature in all its beauty.

Yes, this event is the one and only Floriade. 


  Blossoming into action, Floriade is taking place this year 15th September – 17th October as well as hosting the Australian Icons, Myths and Legends theme, so everything from vegemite, BBQs, and your token kangaroos and Ned Kellies of course.The  Floriade enthusiasts would already know of the abundance of flowers and exhibitions that are on display but what about everyone else?For those who are not huge flower fans but do enjoy a great day of sights and sounds, lazing in the sun, relaxing walks or just an excuse to head out for an ice-cream, this is the place. There’s usually a program published of all the events that are held around this flower festival from scavenger hunts, musical pGlass Workserformances, exhibitions, competitions, workshops and did I mention ice-cream?

 Families generally love it – the kids get a chance to run around madly, exerting all their energies into exploring the imaginative garden designs while parents can sit back and enjoy the manicured tulip beds… and ice-cream.

Couples love the romance – a chance to steal away from life and into a rich, lush and extraordinary garden.Quirky Characters

So for your chance to take a peaceful stroll down the sculptured gardens, get a lesson in flower arrangements or to sit down amongst the flowers to enjoy the live entertainment while eating delicious ice-cream, go to to see what Floriade packages are available for you this year at our fine selection of Hotels.

Going into Standby…

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Friday’s Special

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our second post of the Standby Rates blog!

I’ve decided to offer anyone who signs up for a free membership on a Friday a 5% discount. It’s a lazy day (except at Standby Rates where we always work hard!), nobody really wants to be at work and most are probably daydreaming about another place they’d rather be.

 So here it is – promo Fridays for people who haven’t signed up for our memberships.

The promotional code for this Friday is : friday   (this will change each week and is valid for 1 day only)

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Next time we’ll do a segment on a city/area that’s around Australia. If you have anywhere in mind then let us know in the comments or email me at

Wishing everybody a great weekend and will keep in touch soon!


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The Office

I should start small, sweet and simple.

I’m currently an employee at where we specialise in last minute accommodation bookings predominantly in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

There are more than 2500 hotels, motels, serviced apartments, bed & breakfasts and holiday homes to choose from, so there’s bound to be something to satisfy everyone!

You can:

– Make instant reservations for the next 28 days

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The thing that makes us up to 7.5% cheaper than all the other websites out there is our free membership program. We offer all of our customers a free membership which saves you between 2.5% and 7.5% off all bookings, making us up to 7.5% cheaper!

As your guide, I will lead you through the different activities, ideas and buzz that’s happening in the world of I’ll try to update little videos and short snippits here and there of what’s happening round the office and where we’re up to in terms of evolving our services for everyone out there.

Let us know what you think, what you want us to improve and we’ll keep you posted on the progross of the projects you would like us to work on. For now, i’m going into “Standby” mode and will speak to you again soon!